Alex Backstrom, born in Stockholm, bronze winner of the Independent Publisher Award, NYC 2012, featured in Boston Sci-fi Film festival, and resident of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency, Shanghai, is a self-taught visual writer who examines the perspective of selective memory and its primary place within our awareness within the genre science fiction and non-fiction, along with text-based art installations.



2017             A Bird Ballet, Opus 1 No. 1, Stockholm, Sweden (group exhibition).

                     The Jellyfish Trap, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany (text written for exhibition New Originals by Lundahl & Seitl).

2016              On The Road, Los Angeles, United States (solo exhibition).

                      I See You, New Planet Under Construction, Shanghai, China (group exhibition).

2015             Transit, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China (solo exhibition).

                     We are all looking for Astronauts, Shanghai, China (group exhibition).

2011              Future Scenarios, Stockholm, Sweden (solo exhibition).


2016              Studio Residency, The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China.


2017              Ålandstidningen, "Konstfestivalen Moment fortsätter på torsdag", 11.07.2017.

                      ArtDaily, "Kunstmuseum Bonn opens "New Originals" by Swedish artist duo Lundahl & Seitl"


2012              Dawkins, Curtis, Prison Reviews, "Alex Backstrom’s Property of Scavenger"

                      Future Scenarios, Field Notes, WRAP Magazine #5, UK. 

2011               Hessler, Stefanie, Small Worlds Project, "FUTURE SCENARIOS [Stockholm] – back to the future between physical and digital realities". 


2016              The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China.


2017              On The Road, Video Art, Konstfestival Moment, Mariehamns Torg, Åland.

                      Altered State of Gagnef, Visual Audio Tour, Skankaloss Music and Art Festival, Gagnef, Sweden.

2015              Base 5, short film, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, (writer).


2012              Property of Scavenger, Independent Publisher Book Award, NYC.


2016              We Are All Looking for Astronauts, Shanghai, China.

2015              In Hiding Photography, Berlin, Germany.

2014              Bäckerie Kunst, Stockholm, Sweden.