Alex Backstrom | BIOGRAPHY

Alex Backstrom, often immerse in the topic of memories and subjective recollection, examining our perspective of biased recall and its primary place within our awareness, concentrating particularly within the scope of realism and science fiction as an alternative realm. Born in Stockholm in 1982, she lives and works in Stockholm after spending most of her life in the countryside of Sweden, and studying in Orange County, California, At CSUF. Alex Backstrom is a self-taught writer and artist whose first self-published novelette Property of Scavenger won bronze in the Independent Publisher Award, NYC in 2012 for its unique design, which story is currently in the process of being adapted to a short web series. In 2017, she collaborated with the international artist duo Lundhal & Seitl writing a text The Jellyfish Trap for their solo exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn, published in the exhibition catalogue and serving as an intitial part of the exhibition. Her first short film Base 05 was featured in the Boston Sci-Fi Film festival in 2014, and her second short film A Self-Deluded Man is nominated as best short in film festivals in Madrid and Los Angeles in 2018.




Born: 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Works and resides in Stockholm, Sweden.


Selected Exhibitions:


A Bird Ballet, Opus 1 No. 1. Stockholm, Sweden

The Jellyfish Trap. Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany.


On The Road. Los Angeles, United States.

I See You. New Planet Under Construction, Shanghai, China.


Transit. Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China.

We are all looking for Astronauts. Shanghai, China.


Future Scenarios. Larry’s Corner, Stockholm, Sweden.




Studio Residency. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China.




Ålandstidningen. Konstfestivalen Moment fortsätter på torsdag. 11.07.2017.

ArtDaily. Kunstmuseum Bonn opens "New Originals" by Swedish artist duo Lundahl & Seitl.


Dawkins Curtis. Prison Reviews. Alex Backstrom’s Property of Scavenger. USA

Future Scenarios, Field Notes. WRAP Magazine #5, UK. 


Hessler Stefanie. Small Worlds Project. FUTURE SCENARIOS [Stockholm] – back to the future

between physical and digital realities. 




The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China.




A Self-Deluded Man. Madrid Film Festival. Madrid, Spain.

A Self-Deluded Man. Film Reel Festival. Los Angeles, USA


On The Road. Konstfestival Moment. Mariehamns Torg, Åland.

Altered State of Gagnef. Skankaloss Music and Art Festival. Gagnef, Sweden.


Base 5. Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. Boston, USA.




Property of Scavenger. Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY). New York, USA


Curatorial Projects:


We Are All Looking for Astronauts. Swatch Artist Residency artist 2015-2016. Group Exhibition. Shanghai, China.


In Hiding Photography. Matt Tackett. Solo Exhibition. Berlin, Germany.


Bäckerie Kunst. KPNS. Eternal Highway. Solo Exhibition. Stockholm, Sweden.

Bäckerie Kunst. Matilda Lehvonen. Solo Exhibition. Stockholm, Sweden.

Bäckerie Kunst. Ann-Christin Bäckström. Faces. Solo Exhibition. Stockholm, Sweden.