The Flower Who Wanted to See Winter


As the warmth of summer ends, autumn enters its shroud of colours, and before long the last flower slowly withers away as winter announces its forthcoming with its looming coldness, and so darkness fall.

Yet one flower remains. With its slim stem and fragile sprout it breaks through the hard ground and reach for the sky. Proud and determined she reaches higher for each day knowing this is her moment to shine and thrive where no one else would survive.

Days pass and the coldness of winter grows stronger, yet she grows taller and taller towards the clouds above, for this is where she is supposed to be and the fear of winter will not subdue her craving to see its beautiful veil of white.

Then one day it arrives and one by one the first snow falls towards the ground. She hides within herself as they slowly begin to cover her tiny roots while she gaze towards the heavens above and its beautiful scenery of dancing stars.

As the last ray of sunlight pierce through the clouds, she stretches for the snowfall and spreads her delicate petals out and allows them to slowly become covered by the glittering blanket of white.

Steadily the flakes gather around her thin stem and yet she keeps strong and upright, so fragile, so small, and with so much beauty. This is her moment for which she sacrificed forever for and she shines like no sun ever has. 

But the sacrifice was no sacrifice at all for this was why she was born, to welcome the winter’s fall and to bare witness of its grace. It was a season she was not intended to surmount until she decided it was so.

Slowly the last petals of her fragile head were buried in the blanket of snow and she returned to the ground from which she had come. The world renounced in her courage and the beauty of her choice lit up the world, and there was spring.