Islands clustering together –

Scattered fragments forming

A shifting nation with unchained bridges.


Spears of glass at the center of a

Transparent metropolis, in the midst

Of an undeclared war of lost memories.


A hospital constructed by solid pillars

Resting on the highest of mountains –

A place where healthy men reside.


Encircling valleys with ghostly forestry,

Deserted factories and ruins of castles –

United by rollercoaster rails.


Harbors with rusty ships and iron cranes, resting

In bottomless, dark waters –

Awaiting the dense mist to clear.


A mansion consumed by empty halls,

Wide staircases leading to nowhere –

The home of a General, feared by all.


An obscure barrier tears the land into a set of two,

Displaying everything but answers –

The reflecting me, silently smiling.


No words of it has ever been spoken,

A mission not to be explained –

Untrained soldiers deciding how best to die.


Genocide without bloodshed,

Murder without a cause, a country where

Future is equal with the past.


The faculty of reason must subside for

Perpetual symbiosis to exist as worlds collide.

Manifestations of an unconscious mind.


– Alex Backstrom, 2012